Supporting vision 2030

Increase women's participation in the digital workforce

  • Top quality, experience-based education
    aligned with market needs
  • Increases women’s employment chances by 50%
  • Highly efficient for mothers and
    women in rural areas

How DareIT supports Vision 2030

Dare IT develops the Saudi female workforce,
enabling them to unlock their full potential
and make impactful contributions to the Saudi digital economy.

Increase women's participation in the digital workforce
Ensure aligment of educational outputs with market needs
Develop a thriving digital economy

Professional development into IT



Developed to empower individuals with personalized guidance,
skill development,
and career support.


training programs

Developed with Stanford University and top IT employers
to teach individuals practical skills needed on the job
of various IT career paths.


Increase employment
chances by 50%

Designed based on
labour market needs and
top-notch educational know-how ensuring high job placement efficiency.


Highly efficient for mothers
and women in rural areas

Designed to overcome
common challenges
of these groups,
ensuring access to IT jobs for all.

Developed with Stanford University

Since 2021 we cooperate with scientists from Stanford University to ensure the top quality of DareIT programs.

Stanford researchers have proven that participation in the DareIT programs increase women's chances of finding an IT job by nearly 50%.

DareIT programs can serve as an efficient way of reaching Visions 2030's objective of increasing number of women in the workforce.


Long-standing partnerships and alignment with the labor market

Over 50 companies build and develop their IT talent with us.

Poznaj firmy partnerskie
nasza misja

Zwiększenie reprezentacji kobiet w świecie IT, jednocześnie zmniejszając lukę w IT.

Bringing thousands of women to IT since 2018

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In our community of women interested and/or employed in IT jobs



In our mentoring and
experience-based training programs


Job placements

Among participants
of our programs

Since 2020 we cooperate
closely with scientists from
Stanford University

Uniwersytet SWPS

Razem tworzymy kurs o samoskuteczności i badamy oraz udoskonalamy skuteczność naszych działań.

Stanford University

Od lutego 2021 roku współpracujemy
z Uniwersytetem Stanforda. Wspólne projekty badawcze udowadniają, że nasze programy
mają wysoką skuteczność we wspieraniu przebranżowienia do IT.

The participants of the DareIT Portfolio Challenge demonstrate unprecedented ambition, motivation, potential and talent, and DareIT very effectively helped us select the final candidates for the internship - such cooperation is a bull's-eye.

Leader of Digital Consulting in Poland
Form and result of cooperation
Co-hosting  experience-based training programs

We see the partnership with Dare IT as an excellent opportunity to acquire motivated and, above all, very well-prepared juniors. Thanks to close cooperation, we receive proposals to accept candidates with a specific profile, which allows us to save time and costs of long recruitment processes.

UX/UI Design Studio
Form and result of cooperation
Talent Pool

Dare IT Challenge is a demanding course completed by motivated people who strive for their goals and who really want to fulfill their professional dreams! Thanks to cooperation with mentors, they are prepared for the challenges awaiting them in everyday work, in a real team, they are able to independently expand their knowledge and have a very positive attitude.

Market insights platform
Form and result of cooperation
Talent Pool, Mentoring Program

Thanks to our cooperation and the help of Dare IT and the recommendations of the best portfolios, we were able to efficiently select the right person. The course graduate demonstrated a holistic approach to product design, an impressive presentation of the project both at the visual level and the structure of the statement itself, as well as the justification of design decisions.

Software House
Form and type of cooperation
Talent Pool, Mentoring Program, EB

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