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For me, the UX portfolio Challenge is a bull's eye. I'm the opposite of a multitasker, so the structured course structure and giving 1 assignment every week really appealed to me. I was able to focus on each phase separately and learn the entire Double Diamond process for a few weeks. As a result, I have my first UX case study ready :) Highly recommended!

UX Portfolio
6th edition, 2023

Great course for beginners, because you see all stages of UX/UI in practice. I am very satisfied with the course, I received a lot of useful information and advice. I am grateful for the support throughout the training! You are ❤️

UX Portfolio
2nd edition, 2021

During the 7 weeks of the course we had the opportunity to go through all the most important stages of the design process under the guidance of experienced mentors, and the result is a professional project for our portfolio, which will certainly increase our chances of getting our first internship or job in the UX field. I believe that participating in this course was a very important step in my development as a UX/UI Designer and allowed me to gain a lot of motivation to continue. I would definitely recommend taking this course to anyone interested in UX topics.

UX Portfolio
4th edition, 2022

As a participant in the Dare IT program, I think it was an extremely valuable experience that allowed me to gain many valuable skills in the field of software testing. The tasks were presented in an easy-to-understand manner, and the supplementary materials were helpful in improving my understanding of the subject. As a result of participating in the program, I gained many practical skills that I will definitely use in my future work. The mentors were very helpful and always ready to provide support and guidance. The group of program participants was also very friendly and helpful. I would recommend the Dare IT program to anyone who wants to gain practical skills and expand their knowledge in the area of software testing 😊.

Automated testing

How much energy and self-confidence I got out of the program exceeded my expectations. Every meeting with my wonderful mentor propelled me to action and was very inspiring. The most valuable thing I took from the program is that I learned how to share and skillfully plan my work. This will definitely stay with me :)

Mentoring Program
Frontend React
4th edition, 2021

Find your place
in the world of IT

UX Research
explore products, users and clients

For whom?

For people who are inquisitive, like to seek information and analyze it 🕵🏻

What will you do?

You will research users, conduct interviews and usability tests, and, above all, do research - what the competition looks like, who the competition is, etc. 🔍

Who will you meet at DareIT?

Experienced UX Researchers, UX Designers. See who exactly ➡️

Aleksandra Bis
Desing Lead & Digital Consultant
Natalia Sidor
Senior UX Designer at Flying Bisons

UX Design
create products tailored to users

For whom?

For empathetic people who want and like to find creative solutions to problems ✨

What will you do?

Based on your knowledge of user needs, you will create an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Who will you meet at DareIT?

Experienced UX Designers, UX Researchers and Interaction Designers. See who exactly ➡️

Aleksadra Bis
Desing Lead & Digital Consultant
Olka Fiszbak Biernat
Lead UX/UI Designer at HTD
Natalia Sidor
Senior UX Designer at Flying Bisons

UI Design
create pixel-perfect

For whom?

For creative people who have a good eye for detail and want to create interesting visual designs.

What will you do?

You will design aesthetically pleasing yet functional applications and websites. You will learn about the latest design trends; and how well-chosen colors, typography and layout affect the user experience 🎨

Who will you meet at DareIT?

User Interface and Product Designers.
See who exactly ➡️

Kamila Mitka
Senior Product Designer at Booksy
Olka Fiszbak Biernat
Lead UX/UI Designer at HTD
Nina Mikulski
Senior UI/UX Designer at Startup House

program modern applications and sites

For whom?

For people with an analytical and creative approach to problems, as well as an interest in the visual side of the Internet.

What will you do?

You will create interactive and responsive websites using modern technologies. You will learn frameworks and libraries, as well as techniques and methods used by Frontend specialists.

Who will you meet at DareIT?

Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Database and Cloud specialists. See who exactly ➡️

Nataliya Pasichnyk
Engineering Manager at Netflix
Agata Kozińska
Software Engineer at Fandom
Aleksandra Jaguścik
Frontend Engineer at Iterators

see what working
in the cloud looks like

For whom?

For those who enjoyed watching the program "How is it done?" 😉

What will you do?

You will be building the backend that is essential for modern websites and applications.

Who will you meet at DareIT?

Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Database and Cloud specialists. See who exactly ➡️

Martyna Lewinska
CTO at Fiat Republic

QA & Testing
find mistakes where
no one sees them

For whom?

For people who are observant, accurate and have a passion for detail.

What will you do?

You will learn about different software testing strategies, including manual or automated testing. You will make use of tools, used in the work of specialists.

Who will you meet at DareIT?

Software testers, database specialists and developers. See who exactly ➡️

Patrycja Komor
QA Specialist at SdNcenter IT Consulting
Honorata Stuczka Kucharska
Director of QA at Schiftkey

Challenge – learn in  practice and get an internship in IT

Our challenges last from 6 to 12 weeks and consist of 6-8 tasks, the final result of which is a finished project for the portfolio 🔥

The best participants have a chance to win an internship at one of our partners.

Mentoring program– for women by women.
Find a job in IT

Take part in a program tailored to you! A mentor will help you through the process of either re-skilling or starting a career in IT.

Mentoring program

We help you enter the
IT world

Choose your path from the world of IT
Work with your mentor 1:1 for 4 months
Fine-tune your resume and LinkedIn with HR consultants
Take part in webinars exclusively for participants
Find your dream job at the job fair

Meet the mentors from the Program

Joanna Rodo
Product Designer
at Xapo
Zuzanna Siodła
Senior UX/UI Designer
at Deloitte
Agnieszka Czyżak
Senior Product Designer
at Snowflake
Lidia Bochan
Senior Product Designer
at Accenture
Ola Pazio
Backend Engineer at Jobandtalent

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Olka Fiszbak Biernat
Lead UX/UI Designer at HTD
Aleksandra Bis
Design Lead & Digital Consultant
Natalia Sidor
Senior UX Designer at Flying Bisons
Nataliya Pasichnyk
Engineering Manager at Netflix
Patrycja Komor
QA Specialist at SdNcenter IT Consulting
Honorata Stuczka-Kucharska
Director of Quality Assurance at ShiftKey
Bożena Czech
Design Team Leader at Qodeca
Nina Mikulski
Senior UI/UX Designer at Startup House

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